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Zhang xiaoyu – Chinese human body art model

Zhang Xiaoyu(张筱雨) is one of the top body art top models in China.

In Google search in the top list of names, zhang xiaoyu rise very fast to the beauty of the list to first. Everybody knows, just a girl to China since the beautiful young girl in heilongjiang province. Her different from others, she is published in the network of human art, his photos and pictures are quite bold and exposure, was the most exposed to the human body photography.

Zhang xiaoyu is MET-ART China’s human models. Her beauty and performance, let us feel proud and proud of China, the human body model to stage, her brave spirit and natural look showed a world-class models and professional quality.

Zhang xiaoyu body art, is not the sort of flesh, only dull without showing more voluptuous components hue and. She is bold, self-confidence, beautiful and have the courage to show his body and gift. She is very perfect, the carcass look very pure, her skin is transparent, fruity through faith, says her body so healthy, standards, a dish. The vast sea, such as Bridges, like other refined as the magnificent snowy plateau. She’s beautiful and large scale, let pride and proud, heavily also shows that China’s model to the world stage, their brave spirit and solemn expression model shows a world-class professional and excellent quality. Actually pornography and art expression in human model which is to show appreciation, from which Angle to observe and understanding of the problem, we advocate healthy body art, not dew point is not healthy, this itself is to model the hard work.

Zhang xiaoyu body image shows dignified expression of natural model and natural and graceful posture, and shows us the twenty years of youth and vitality girl body, no light pick and indulgence. She showed us the human body art and beauty, highlights the harmony of human organs and structure, broke through the secular restraint, clean the girl’s mellow and pure, we should take to admire, admire with pure heart to feeling! Life is not beautiful, we are not found, appreciate the beauty of human photography weisuo xiao yu, her body art annotation of human nature, beauty of a woman’s body is made of flesh, with water water, but the clever and tender with the character of steel, let us experience the perfect artistic conception!

Zhang is young, she is not only the young beauty lies more generous, and also to show some people feel selfless. Unselfish sharing their youth to every lover. Zhang xiao-yu the first shooting heroine is very beautiful, graceful whole body and nature. Photographer’s technology is really good, the result let her beautiful show in front of the world. In some places, the heavy water shoot pictures gutty hazy feeling, make the person feels she really seem like angel gentleness and mysterious. The light is also used in adequately, she is very beautiful, and very sunshine. Then the human body skin, fruity ningzhi similar legs and hip, full breasts, can delineate a picture can be admirably. This is the innermost depths of admiration. The female body is a kind of natural beauty. My heart is to represent purity and the art of noble.

Body art someone criticizing others, also praised by countless attention, she was a very brave girl, I hope she all the way walk good!